DIY 5 Stage Non-RO Water Filter System Parts

Parts and related items for a DIY 5 stage undercounter water filter system
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Hand Pumped Portable Ceramic Waterfilter

MSR MiniWorks EX Hand Pump Ceramic Waterfilter
(Best handheld ceramic water purifier ever made)

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle with Stainless Loop Cap
(Stainless water bottle with MSR filter compatible threads)


DIY 5 Stage Non-RO Water Filter Parts   –  Approx. Cost $192 (as of 12/04/2014)

John Guest Speedfit ASVPP1LF 3/8-Inch by 3/8-Inch by 1/4-Inch Angle Stop Adapter Valve
(Main shutoff for undercounter filter system)

1/4″ NSF/ANSI Certified RO Reverse Osmosis Tubing, 10 feet, made in USA

John Guest and Mur-Lok Push Fit Fittings – Pure Water Products
(1/4″ slip-fit to 1/4″ threaded connectors. 3 needed. Also, 1 slip-fit 1/4″ to 1/4″ threaded elbow. Either brand is ok)

1/4″ x 1/4″ Male NPT Nipple – Bulk Reef Supply
(3 Needed. Connects all 5 filter canisters)

RO Fittings And Valves – Bulk Reef Supply
(Misc fittings you may need)

Filter canister wrench – Bulk Reef Supply
(Filter wrench for 10″ canisters)

Triple Bracket For Standard 10″ Filter Canisters – Bulk Reef Supply
(Triple canister bracket)

Dual Bracket For Standard 10″ Filter Canisters – Bulk Reef Supply
(Dual canister bracket)

10″ Clear Filter Canister with 1/4″ ports – Bulk Reef Supply
(Make sure to get proper 10″ size as described)

20 (#10 x 3/4″) Pan Head phillips screws are also needed to attach canisters to brackets.
Find these at a local hardware store. Stainless screws preferred. Roughly 19 cents each.


GE Z Plex 1 micron Sediment Filter – Bulk Reef Supply
(1st stage sediment filter)

Harmsco Flow-Max 1 Micron Absolute Pleated Filter – Pure Water Products
(2nd stage pleated reusable sediment filter)

KX Matrikx CTO Plus High Capacity Solid Carbon Block Filter, 10-Inch
(3rd and 4th stage carbon block filter)

Centaur Carbon Refillable Granular Media Cartridge – Pure Water Products
(Optional – 3rd stage filter for city water chlorine/chloramine removal)

Doulton Imperial Sterasyl OBE Ceramic Filter For Standard 10″ Housings
(5th stage Doulton ceramic only reusable filter)


Countertop Drinking Faucet
LASCO-Simpatico 30263SN Long Reach Water Dispenser Faucet with Ceramic Cartridge, No Lead Compliant, Satin Nickel


Optional: 12 Volt RV Style Water Pump
SHURflo 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

(12v water pump. See related accessories at bottom of Amazon page. Pre-filter etc.)